Responsible to the Business Manager and Camp Director. Must be at least 18 years of age and have two year's experience in a food service environment. Must be able to physically operate machinery in excess of 30" from the ground, including: food mixers and slicers, dishwashing machine, etc. Must also be physically able to list boxes and large pots and pans that weigh in excess of 40 pounds. je/she also must be physically and mentally capable of supervising other staff members of supervising other staff members and campers, and be able to make immediate judgements and take action regarding the safety of any and all participants in dining hall activities. Receives all food orders, checks both quantity and quality, and supervises storage and issuance of all foods including food for Troop Night cook-out, trail trips, and for cooking merit badge. Responsible to see that all meals are prepared and served on time, maintaining quality of food, following prescribed menus, recipes and recommended food quantities. Directs the efforts of the Assistant cooks and dining hall stewards. Responsible to see that kitchen food storage and dining hall is kept clean and neat, including all food service equipment. Will set up method for the food rotation in the coolers and freezers. Responsible for maintaining a high degree of personal cleanliness and ensuring the kitchen and dining hall staff do the same. Keeps daily records of all goods used. Makes out report for Business Manager and works closely with Business manager to stay within budget. Responsible to see that a person assigned to record coolers and freezer temperatures, as well as wash water temperatures (keep it cold and keep it hot charges) Will be present during inspections that pertain to the Dining hall and will present all logs and report as necessary as for the inspection. Responsible to see the menu fits the needs of the campers and adjusting the menu to fit special needs. Special needs by staff or campers will reviewed on a case by case basis. Prepares daily milk usage reports and presents them to the business manager for compliance with the Texas Milk Program. Prepares food orders based on current needs and presents them to the business manager for ordering. Conducts an open camp and close camp inventory and presents it to the Business Manager. All other duties as assigned by the Camp Director.