BASIC FUNCTIONS The responsibility of the Dietary Aide is to provide assistance in all dietary functions as directed/instructed in accordance with established policies and procedures, applicable federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations; and as may be directed by the Dietetic Services Director, Assistant Dietetic Services Director and/or other designated supervisor (i.e., Cook), to ensure quality food service is provided at all times. QUALIFICATIONS EDUCATION Must possess, at a minimum, a 10th grade education. EXPERIENCE None. On-the-Job training provided. Any combination of experience and training which provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities. SUPERVISION RECEIVED Reports to the Dietetic Services Director, Assistant Dietetic Services Director and other supervisors (i.e., Cook) as designated by the Dietetic Services Director. SUPERVISION EXERCISED None. CHARACTERISTIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS 1. Prepares and/or pre-portions food (such as beverages, salads, desserts, and other items assigned by the supervisor) for regular and therapeutic diets according to the planned menu for meals and snacks as directed. 2. Prepares and/or portions food using proper food handling and food safety techniques according to established policies and regulations. 3. Utilizes standardized recipes whenever foods are prepared for regular and therapeutic diets. 4. Ensures that the proper quantity of food is prepared and/or pre-portioned as directed. 5. Makes only authorized substitiutions to the planned menu and records the substitution according to established policy. 6. Ensures that food is prepared and/or pre-portioned in accordance with established time schedules. 7. Assist in the preparation and/or service of meals/food for employees and special events as instructed by the supervisor. 8. Keeps work area clean and uncluttered during preparation and service of food. 9.Uses the correct portion control utensils during the preparation, pre-portioning and service of food. 10. Uses proper technique to taste prepared food to ensure quality taste and palatability prior to service. 11. Maintains the proper temperature of food during preparation and service. Records temperature of food according to established policy. 12. Serves food according to the planned menu/spreadsheet and the patient's/resident's food preferences and diet order. Serves snacks according to the patient's/resident's snack label and snack menu. 13. Ensures that food is served in an attractive, appetizing manner. 14. Assist in checking trays during service to ensure meals are served accurately in accordance with the menu/spreadsheet and the patient's/resident's diet order and food preferences. 15. Ensures that meals and snacks are sent from the kitchen or serving area according to established time schedules. 16. Performs assigned cleaning assignments according to established policies and utilizing the proper cleaning chemicals. 17. Ensures that the department is maintained in a clean manner according to established policies. 18. Labels, dates, and stores food properly according to established policies. 19. Ensures the refrigerator/freezer temperatures are within the appropriate range and reports any discrepancies to the supervisor. 20. Washes dishes, etc, according to established procedures for manual and/or automatic dish washing washing. Reports any problems with proper water temperature or sanitizer to the supervisor in a timely manner. 21. Ensures that food storage areas are kept clean and properly arranged at all times. 22. Reports all hazardous conditions/equipment to the supervisor and/or maintenance as directed. 23. Completes all work assignments within scheduled time frames. WORKING CONDITIONS 1. Works in well-lighted/ventilated areas. 2. Sits, stands, bends, lifts, and moves intermittently during working hours. 3. Is subject to frequent interruptions. 4.